Posted by: LBergstrome | January 19, 2012

The Ongoing Wish List (maybe?)

Is it tacky to post out to the world a list of things you would like to invite into your life, if said things are indeed actual things?

It’s fine to set intentions and resolutions, and promise to improve ones character

– people applaud that –

But I wonder if it’s different to say: “I want a new MacBook Pro fully loaded with design tools & programs” ?

Keep in mind this is a wish list, not a I’m going to die if I don’t get it list.

The minimalist in me still approves, I’ve got her OK, so I’m going to go for it.

Take it or leave it.

Come check out my intentional, ever-growing board on Pinterest!

By the way, if you are not yet a member on Pinterest, send me a note and I’ll invite you!

Love Laura

p.s. I’m getting ready to launch a new blog and will keep you posted! Can’t wait to share!


  1. Hey Laura,
    Can you send me a pinterest invite? I didn’t realize you couldn’t just sign up for it! Or if you can, I seem to be failing at discovering how……Thanks.

    • Gladly! Check your inbox. I look forward to checking out your pins! xo

  2. Love this 🙂
    I’d love you to share your pinterests
    Xo great inspiration here

    • Hi Ange, Thanks for stopping in 🙂 I sent you a Pinterest invite – add me when you sign up!

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