Posted by: LBergstrome | August 11, 2011

Waldorf Doll Gallery

Here is a peek at a few of the dolls I’ve created. Sadly, I haven’t always remembered to take pictures, so there are a few missing!

Rosie was my first doll made as a Christmas gift for my daughter Nissa, a month before her 3rd birthday. Rosie has had a rough life (been dragged about, left in the garden over night in the rain…) but she is well-loved and appreciated, even more so now that Nissa is 9. This past winter she received a full new head of hair (as seen in 2 of the pictures below).

Luke is Drake’s doll with wild hair (just like Drake prior to his hair cut this summer). He accompanies Drake on many adventures and on almost every overnight journey. He wears denim jeans and a polar tech fleece top made from a shirt that Drake recently out grew.

Suki was commissioned for a pre-school class. She was to have darker skin with her hair, parted and pulled back into a low bun (as seen below). I have since made a new wig for Suki with longer, softer hair for easier styling as desired by the children who love her.

The Sisters were commissioned for two best friends. Knowing one of the girls fairly well, made making these dolls a joy. I wanted them to look similar, as sisters do, but to have distinguishing features which came through in their hair (one has bangs with the option to wear a headband and the other has even long hair which was tied back to frame her face). Their clothing is complimentary to the other without matching.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you so much for visiting and taking a look at these sweet dollies.

Much love, Laura


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