Posted by: LBergstrome | August 9, 2011

The Waldorf Doll

sister dolls made for 2 best friends

I am enchanted by these hand-made, beautiful creations. Each custom made-to-order doll has its own character and personality which only really “comes to life” when the last strand of hair is added and his or her face is stitched into place.

The process of making a doll either begins with my own inclination or a request is made to purchase. The skin fabric is an organic cotton interlock and the filling is natural unbleached and undyed sheep’s wool. After the size is chosen, I lay out the fabric and begin work by determining the dimensions and cutting the basic shape.

I’ve seen several tutorials for forming the head and prefer the Weir method I was shown years ago, by using a double layer of stockinette and stuffing it solid to about the size of a large grapefruit (for a 16in doll), I add more stuffing for what will become the neck then loosely bind off. Using a heavy floss I knot under the chin and adjust the neck. Using floss and a soft sculpture needle I form the contours of the face by placing the eyes, ears & nape of the neck. This is now ready to cover with a square “skin” which will be whip stitched down the back, later to be hidden under hair.

The body is cut, sewn and stuffed (less firmly than the head – better for hugs and cuddles), as are the arms. Finally the head is ready to be attached by invisible stitches joining the arms to the torso as well.

The face is embroidered on with a soft, neutral expression for full range of imaginative play and the cheeks are given a rub of red beeswax for colour. I prefer not to add a bump for the nose. For the hair, I crochet a cap to fit the dolls head, then attach strand-by-strand yarn made from Mohair, Wool, or Alpaca for ultimate softness. Often 3 skeins of yarn are required for a full head of luxurious hair.

By this point I’ve usually become VERY attached to the doll, as this is a multi-day process. The hair alone will take the better half of a day (or longer!) to create.

Next I dress the doll in hand-made shoes, under garments & clothing, often detailed with pockets, embroidery, or needle felting.

All told a doll can take a few weeks to make, from the time of order to the completed beauty placed in your hands. The prices vary depending on the size but are with in the range of $165-$230.


  1. Beautiful dolls!

    • Thank you so much Becca! And thank you for stopping in 🙂

  2. Laura these are awesome! You should try and stockpile some and get yourself a table at the Christmas Fair. x

    • Thank you Stacy! One of these years I may have it together to make many in a relatively short amount of time… they might be ready for the Christmas Faire of 2012!

  3. wow, these are BEAUTIFUL laura!! every detail has so much care and attention put into it…most fortunate is the child who receives one of these wonderful creations to cuddle and love! i’m so happy to see you sharing your creative gifts with the world 🙂

    • Thank you Miel ❤ Your continued support is always appreciated and warmly received xo

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