Posted by: LBergstrome | February 22, 2011

In Our Home This Week

This post will look a fare bit different that it has in previous weeks.

In our home this week is a construction crew, here to repair our electrical. We’ve had half power since last Thursday, meaning the lights and most outlets are functional, as well as our fridge, dishwasher, and microwave. I’ve had to google simple things like boiling water, making nachos, poaching an egg as I do not have experience with microwaves. I just wish I could bake a cake or cookies in there or better yet brew coffee!

The oven and stove don’t work, nor does our washer or drier, nor any of the baseboard heaters! Thankfully we have a gas fire-place that produces decent heat and down duvets on our beds!

The job should be finished by the weekend. If we lose heat all together, we’ll skip out and spend a few nights in a hotel, but for now it’s manageable. The kids are keen and interested to know all that is happening, but are good at keeping out of the way. Turns out to be a good week to have off of school. Some families take vacations, we rip up our walls and ceilings!

The break at school is for Faculty Conference week. Rather than taking 10 monthly ProD days, at Waldorf the school closes for one week in November and another in February. I learned recently that Rudolf Steiner (the founder of Waldorf education) was born in the third week of February, which might have something to do with the timing. I’ve found that by the time these breaks come we are all ready for a rest.

The Virtue in focus this week is Confidence.

“Confidence is being certain and feeling assurance. It comes from knowing and trusting someone. Self-confidence means you trust yourself. You can do things without doubts holding you back. You know your strengths and weaknesses.” ~ Family Virtues Guide.

What do you have on the go this week?

I hope the sun is shining where you are!

Love Laura


  1. your perspective on your home (de)construction situation affirms my belief that anything can be percieved as an adventure depending on the lens you choose to look at it through!

    and apprently, believe it or not, you CAN bake a cake in the microwave ( though sadly it involves the use of ingredients such as cake mix and instant pudding. i suppose any website called ‘goodnuke’ should be approached with caution!

    enjoy the time with your kiddles this week =)

  2. Ha Ha I love that the corresponding picture is for Kabobs! Pudding bundt cake doesn’t sound bad, (so long as you leave out the small detail of how it was baked!)

  3. FYI – they did a wonderful job and the walls look good as new!

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