Posted by: LBergstrome | February 18, 2011

I need your opinion, please!

I have some LOVELY amethyst bulky weight wool, I know I want to make a cowl, but I simply cannot decide on the pattern!

Ravelry has thousands of patterns, both for sale and for free. I’ve narrowed my search down to 14. Nope, not a top three, but 14!

I’d love to get your feed back and opinion, which do you prefer?

All photo’s are care of


Thank you sooooo much!




  1. Choices, what beautiful choices … Working with circular needles is great, a cowl would be a great project to try them out. My favourite is #2 – I love its texture … but, if you are leaning to #4/10/12/14, then my choice is #4 – wonderful simplicity that would really highlight your wool … have fun with it!

  2. Hi, i really like no.9 – cabling looks nice!

  3. Thank you for the feed back! I post my choice and progress soon!

  4. i vote for either number #4 (for it’s simplicity and the way i imagine it working with a variety of clothing) or number #9 (i love the button detailing, and the unique shape).
    my mom votes for #6 and #10 (which i agree are indeed lovely). jan (kevin’s mom) says that you should just go ahead and make them all and then sell them (to us!). she also wants some knitting lessons =)

    i look forward to seeing your beautiful creation when it’s completed!!

  5. oops…i got mixed up. i meant to say that i vote for #10 and my mom votes for #9 =)

  6. Thanks for the input! I like Jan’s suggestion, however I’m not terribly prolific, so it might be about this time next year that she would see anything from me. I think we should all look to Trish for lessons!

  7. Laura – number 4! I want to make one of these too. Add it to the list after baby hat, hat for Eowyn, hat for Nic…maybe I’ll have one by next winter!!

  8. PS. Love the wool form Nova Scotia!!!

  9. I’m really liking number 4 and number 7….. I like the way you can pull number 7 over you head, this is very warming on a cold day, and looks cool! Perhaps I’ll make a cowl, I haven’t made one yet.

  10. Get on it girl! I love the circular needles, I’m hooked!

  11. Go for it Christine! I’m so new to knitting and whipped that cowl up in a day! You can do it! Gotta do something wonderful for you! xo

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