Posted by: LBergstrome | February 16, 2011

The Next 7 Years: A Lecture for Parents

The Next Seven Years: A Lecture for Parents


How does Waldorf education nurture the development of children once they are ready to begin formal academic learning in first grade and beyond?

When a child enters first grade they are ready and eager to begin learning writing, reading, and arithmetic. But it is not simply the acquisition of knowledge that is important.

Please join Jeff Feldman, Grade Three class teacher, for an in-depth look at how the Waldorf Grade School curriculum teaches academics while nurturing childrens’ creativity and their inner need for true authority.

Monday Feb 28
Vancouver Waldorf School
2725 St Christophers Road
North Vancouver



  1. It’s a good thing some waldorf educators acknowledge this:

    ‘When a child enters first grade they are ready and eager to begin learning writing, reading, and arithmetic.’

    Though I still fear they try as hard as they can to postpone all these activities. Especially in children who are intellectually ‘premature’ (according to waldorf standards) or who prefer reading to knitting…!

  2. I attended a parent evening when my daughter was in grade one, her teacher assured us that even though the introduction is slow, by 4th grade Waldorf children, on average, are reading at a higher lever than children at public school who begin reading in kindergarten. I don’t have any documentation to back that up and we haven’t hit grade 4 yet!

    I’m sure every case is different. But if your writing is any indicator, I’m willing to give it a try! 🙂 My son, in grade 1, is currently working on consent blends and sight words.

    I read a Steiner quote a few weeks ago advocating waiting until the child is 12 to begin reading! I might have a hard time buying into that…

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