Posted by: LBergstrome | February 15, 2011

In Our Home This Week

We begin this week with a study of Compassion – sympathy for the suffering of others.

I am immediately drawn to the gentle way of The Dalai Lama, with his joy-filled laugh and radiant smile. I’ve had his book, “An Open Heart: Practicing Compassion in Everyday Life” on my book shelf for several years, looking at it from time to time to smile. I’m thinking this will be the book I read this week.

From the introduction:

May the poor find wealth,

Those weak with sorrow find joy.

May the forlorn find new hope,

Constant happiness and prosperity.


May the frightened cease to be afraid,

And those bound be free.

May the weak find power,

And may their hearts join in friendship.

I encourage each of us to pay attention to others, noticing when someone looks sad or is having trouble. And then take it a step further by acting on that awareness in an attempt to alleviate some of their suffering.


Other new books this week include:

Felt Wee Folk
by Salley Mavor

by Nelly Pailloux

Pretty Little Felts
by Julie Collings

I’m indulging in crafting library books for me! The children and I are still reading “Where the Mountain Meets The Moon“, and are not ready to add a new book this week. I’m sure we can find activities to work on together!


I bought some beautiful wool in amethyst from in Nova Scotia at the local yarn shop. I haven’t decided what to make with it yet, I’m thinking to whip up a cowl to keep my neck warm.

Any Suggestions? I’d love your feed back!


What are you up to this week?

Love Laura


“He who incapable of hatred toward

any being, who is kind and compassionate,

free from selfishness,… such a devotee of

Mine is My beloved.”

~ Bhagavad-Gita 12: 13-14


  1. I just have to say oh how HAPPY I am to find another Waldorf parent that quotes the Gita!! ❤

  2. Hi Nicole, I’m happy you’ve stumbled across me too! Your site is beautiful, I look forward to reading more of your entries.
    Many blessings to you and yours xo

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