Posted by: LBergstrome | February 7, 2011

In Our Home This Week

We have a full week this week!

Our virtue in focus is cleanliness, which is timed quite nicely with a house full of guests! The children are working on keeping their bodies fresh and clean, putting things away after they are used, everyone doing their share to keep our home clean and neat, putting only healthful things into our bodies, using clean language, and dealing with our mistakes as they happen.

I am appreciating the simplicity of the Family Virtue Guide as a tool to work with my family so that we may all grow and flourish and become even better people.

We are working on Valentine’s for classmate’s and each other.

find the pattern by clicking on the image


New to this post are the books we are reading. We all love a trip to the library to choose something special. This week we have picked up:

Winter Story

By Barklem, Jill

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

By Lin, Grace

A First Book of Knitting for Children

By Gosse, Bonnie

Knitting for Children – A Second Book

By Gosse, Bonnie

Hold on to your Kids – Why Parents Matter

By Neufeld, Gordon

Also on my bedside table is:

Simplicity Parenting – Using the Extraordinary Power of Less to Raise Calmer, Happier, and More Secure Kids

By Payne, Kim John

I’ve been slowly working my way through this nourishing read since November, digesting snippets here and there and bring into action much of the author’s advice.

To view our weekly calendar click here!

What are you working on this week in your family? I’d love to hear.

Love Laura


  1. Hi Laura,

    Interested to know how you find “Hold onto your Kids”. Our school district is currently hosting an eight week course “Power to Parent”, also developed by Gordon Neufeld, for parents and caregivers. I’m very excited and feel like a little light has been shone on me even after week 1!
    Happy Reading…….

    • Hi Pauline,
      I came across this book via Carrie at P<a href="“>arenting Passageways. She has been reviewing the book chapter by chapter on her blog. I’m looking forward to diving in! That 8-week course looks wonderful, sounds like you have a great school district!

  2. Oh! As a child, I had these books about the mice, Jill Barklem’s — all four seasons of them! They are lovely and very cute. Somehow I could imagine these little fellas living like that. (I didn’t buy the whole gnome thing — but mice, that’s another matter!)

    • LOL- I’m not so sure about the gnomes either.
      The books are so sweet! This is the first I’ve seen of them. As I child I obsessed with Thumbelina and fantasized about being the size of my thumb and sleeping in a nut shell with a rose petal for a blanket. The borrowers is also good for that. There’s something magical about being so very small…

  3. ‘There’s something magical about being so very small…’

    Agreed! Very small animals who live much like humans except out in nature, there’s something about that idea…

    The mice have a very cute website: which I found because I just had to google the author.

  4. I hope this link works, thought of you A when I saw this!

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