Posted by: LBergstrome | February 2, 2011

The soft glow of the sun

On February 2nd we celebrate a beautiful festival which goes by several names depending on who you speak with and the tradition they subscribe to. Our Pagan friends call it Brigit or Imbolc, our Christian friends observe Candlemas. I like all three so tend to rotate between them all.

Imbolc is the holiday that marks the sun’s growing light and strength. Our inner flame is shining a little more brightly, beckoning us to stir from our deep winter slumber. We stretch our arms and yawn, then nuzzle in bed just a little longer.

Here on the West Coast the bulbs planted in autumn are peeking their heads above the soil, and if we’re lucky we might even see a few crocuses or snowdrops showing the first few signs of the coming spring. This is a perfect time to start thinking about what to plant in our gardens!

In preparation for Christmas, the children and I dipped beeswax candles. With a few pairs left, we can now light them to encourage the sun’s full return. In previous years I have lit a candle in each window of the house to bless our home with light and love, then let them burn through the night to welcome the dawn. (as much as I love that romantic image, we all know unattended flames are NOT safe) I think now a candle for each of us on our nature table will do the trick, as well as snuffing them out when it’s time to turn in.

What do you have planned for this quiet day?

“If Candlemas Day be fair and bright

Winter will take another flight.

If Candlemas Day be cloud and rain

Winter is gone and will not come again.” ~ Festivals Family and Food


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