Posted by: LBergstrome | February 1, 2011

In our home this week

This week in our home we are celebrating Imbolc and Candlemas on February 2, as well another family birthday on the same day! We like to light candles to draw warmth and sunshine back into our lives, and we give thanks for the reflective winter months which have encouraged us to stay cozy and warm. The days are visibly growing longer and in western Canada the first snow drops and crocuses are breaking through the soil. The new moon is also on February 2nd. A potent day indeed!

Chinese New Year falls on February 3rd. On the weekend we will venture into to Chinatown to witness the parade. This is a new event for us being new to the city. I’m still looking for simple ways for us to celebrate the Lunar New Year in our home, maybe Moon Cakes and Chinese food for dinner? We will read Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin and explore the meaning of the Year of the Rabbit.

Thank you to for the image, click to view their site.

The virtue we are working with is “Caring”

  • treating each other with care, speaking nicely, sharing…
  • caring for our home, doing our chores to keep our living space neat and tidy.
  • caring for our relationships by using our manners and being respectful.
  • caring for our personal belongings and keeping track of where we last placed them!
  • caring for ourselves by eating well, exercising, cleansing, resting, taking space when needed.

All in all some lovely simple lessons that are easy to apply and rewarded with much love and affection!

” The Family Virtues Guide is not about family values. Values are culture specific. it is about virtues, which are universally valued by all faiths and cultures in the world. Virtues are the silver thread running through all of humanity’s sacred literature as well as the oral traditions of the world’s indigenous peoples. Virtues are described as the qualities of the soul and the attributes of God.”

What are you up to this week? Come visit me on my Facebook page and share your projects!

Much love



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