Posted by: LBergstrome | January 28, 2011


“In the northern hemisphere, Imbolc symbolizes the season when mother earth cleanses the debris that is cluttering her delicate topsoil. Glaciers begin to melt, rivers swell and rains wash away that which is no longer useful. She prepares herself to embrace this year’s new growth through elemental cleansing. Imbolc teaches us how to ready ourselves for our own new growth through symbolic cleansing. Do you feel embraced by your life, your tribe and your sisters? How will you embrace your community to encourage and celebrate new growth? You might start with yourself first on Imbolc by cleansing your living space, dusting your altar and smudging with rosemary or sage. Weed your garden while sprinkling seeds on fertile ground. For your community, donate unused food and clothing. Create unity with your sisters by gathering in a circle and passing an ice-cube around until it melts. Be cognizant of the individual cold sensations you experience with your hands as you transfer your positive energy to the group’s collective goal.”

Ruth E. hummingbird copy-write mother tongue ink 2005


  1. Thank you for the reminder, Laura! I’ve gotten so crazy busy that I’ve neglected bringing these festivals into the home as I used to. I’m reinspired – thank you!! :o)

    • It’s so easy to let the festivals slip by! That is, in part, why I’m recording them here and on our family calendar!
      You have inspired me too Victoria, I savour each of your posts on

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