Posted by: LBergstrome | January 25, 2011

In our home this week

We are celebrating my beautiful daughters’ 9th birthday with week. This feels like a transition year, from interest in toys to actual objects of value. We are gifting her with a violin and lessons and a few practical items for her bedroom. My fingers are crossed that she’s ready for this!

The virtue we are focusing on is assertiveness. What does it look like when we practice assertiveness?

  • we are positive and confident, knowing we deserve respect and are worthy in our own special unique way.
  • we are honest and just, way-showers.
  • we ask for what we need and want.
  • we express our ideas, opinions, and talents.

We are beginning this week to have a weekly virtue focus. It’s my job to practice the current virtue and look for signs that my children are too and offer praise and recognition for making good choices.

“Affirmation – I am assertive. I think for myself and do what I feel is right. I tell the truth about what is just. I know I have the right to be treated with respect.” – The Family Virtue’s Guide”

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