Posted by: LBergstrome | January 19, 2011

30 Day Challenge – day 2

On to ‘Day 2’ of the 30-Day Challenge!

Several years back I worked for Franklin Covey, specializing in leadership training and time management. I eventually quit my job after the realization that I felt like an impostor advising and coaching clients on how to live a meaningful, value-filled life while I was still making choices based on the pressures of the moment, rather than on my own priorities and what mattered most to me.

I picked up my life and moved to Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast, north of Vancouver. I left my relationship, security, and job and felt very liberated. That liberation only lasted a short while. I have been known to waffle from time to time, and stay off course for years at a time!

This 30-Day Challenge, is assisting me to go back to that critical moment when I turned my life around, and question why I haven’t stayed on course. No judgements here. I love my life and the special people I share it with. I am filled with gratitude for the beauty and opportunities that surround me.

I am ready to move on to Day 2 and list my top 3 priorities, ranking them in order of importance for me. (thank you Chalene)

Day 2
My top three Priorities are:
1) My children & family
2) Natural living/health & well-being
3) Spiritual depth

Let me clarify a little here.

My top priority came easily to me. It is of the utmost importance to do the best I can, with my partner, to provide a healthy balanced life filled with love, understanding, and enriching experiences for my children. Deep, heart to heart connection based on honesty and authenticity fuels me. Creating an environment which supports family growth and well-being is a joyful challenge I am committed to.

From early childhood onward I have always attempted to live in a way which leaves a small footprint while honouring the beauty of the natural world. Eating organic whole foods, meditating, and moving my body in a loving way are all ways in which I embrace natural living, health & well-being.

My spiritual life embraces the first 2 priorities and helps serve as a guiding light toward good choices. Living a life imbued with spirit means for me honouring the natural world, and her seasons and cycles. Celebrating the rhythms of life with reverence, and also at times with an element of fun. It means finding stillness within my breath, in each moment and feeling a connection to the energy of love that surrounds and embraces me. It is a quieting to listen for inner guidance and an opening to the winds through which spirit speaks. It’s the trust that I am exactly where I need to be at any given moment…

Thank you for hearing me…



  1. You know what else I value? Having the means to achieve all of the above. I value having the ability & abundance to live a full rich life where I can give back and not simply exist in a passive way. I wish to make a difference here and it is not through martyrdom!

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