This site is birthing place for ideas, inspiration, creativity and exploration.

I am a mama of 2 beautiful children. I am dedicated to natural, healthful living, creative expression, peaceful communication and conscious parenting. We have been on the Waldorf path together since before conception – as I was first introduced to the methodology while nannying in my early 20’s. I enjoy bringing the festivals and celebrations into our home. There is so much to learn and I wish to share that learning journey with you!

I am blessed to share my life with a wonderful man, my children and our 2 hamsters. I lean towards idealism and am quite comfortable with the world of imagination and fantasy! I am the administrator for Big Picture Communication, an artist and a crafter, I teach a class called Bellyfit, I love Pilates & yoga, I have worked caring for both the young and old, and in general I am content with my life!

For a slightly more detailed bio visit me here.

These page are bound to evolve over time as I become more comfortable with blogging and sharing myself openly online. I hope you find something worthwhile here and that you will feel free to leave comments.

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Much love




  1. it´s a pleasure to read your blog. Thanks for sharing..
    warm hugs,


    • Thanks for taking a look Liliana! Looking forward to getting back into a daily rhythm again soon. Hugs to you and your munchkins ox

  2. looking forward to reading your blog!

    • Rebecca, Welcome! I’m glad you’ve this site. I look forward to exploring your site too! On first glance all appears very lovely!

  3. Hi Laura, I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to find your site, after you left a comment on one of my blog posts. What a great site you have put together, especially being a Steiner kid myself and having a son about to turn three (and therefore getting closer to the age of formal education). I look forward to checking in now and then for some more inspiration!

    • Hello Heddi, I’m glad you stopped in. If my memory serves correct, you posted a great resume that had me laughing. (was that you???) I do wander far off track with my posts, hopefully you’ll find something useful here. Many blessings xo

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